Children’s Health – Solutions For Childhood Obesity

Making sure that your child begins to drink water early is a fantastic way to ensure that your child gets proper nutrition and creates a great habit stop obesity in their forthcoming. Even though water has no calories or vitamins and minerals it is still very valuable to your kid. A good amount to probably start with is 10-15 ozs.
According to the American Obesity Association, one third of parents believe their children’s dietary habits are worse than theirs were during their own early years.
What is different from then to now? For starters, we didn’t have vending machines offering us junk food in schooling. We were physically active, required to run, jump, skip, hop, and climb on a regular basis through daily physical education and recess. After school many of us walked or rode our bikes home. A quick breakdown of rudimentary nutrisystem discount code 2015. Then we played outside. We ran around, jumped rope, created things, rode bikes, used our imagination, skate boarded, climbed trees and walls, roller skated, and the boys set up sports games in the street. We were on the move.
Encourage a diet of healthy food. Choosing low-fat foods and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your child be healthy and excess weight. It is important that you feed your child foods that will help make him/her feel feel fuller throughout the day while actually eating less. Make certain your child feels full will prevent binging. However, also keep in mind that unhealthy foods may still be eaten in small doses to help prevent youngster from binging out of spite.
You can also write to the press and to bloggers. Let globe know when notice something that is not right. You may feel that the power of one voice is insignificant, nevertheless the power of a lot of voices combined grows exponentially.
Healthier. Biking is a fantastic exercise as well. In a society laden with increasing Kids statistics, the gift of a bike is one of the highest investments we can make in our kids. Of course, don’t forget for safety’s sake that you also need a helmet and rugs.
Experts and professionals will more often than not suggest that you order numbers of a hundred. The actual more than enough to provide to every one your potential clients. Your agent will download or will scan your comp card into their system files ad submit you for assignments though the internet more often nowadays with different sites. You will also be able to keep track of prints every time as you get tear sheets from the previous modeling or acting tasks. Always having the capacity update your prints will help maintain you current within an every changing modeling or entertainment nation.
Childhood obesity is a concern for everyone. I encourage you, no matter whether you are a parent, grandparent potentially a role model, to get involved. Together, day-to-day activities stop this, parenting, childhood obesity prevention, health and fitness, lifestyle, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, health, weight loss, obesity

Lose 40 Pounds In One month – Is It Plausible?

The first thing that will come to your mind when you think about genital warts is genuine “gross.” As disgusting because warts on the sex organs may be, aesthetics is actually going to the least of your worries when you ask them. Having these warts on your genitals can actually be dangerous for you given that the culprit behind these warts are none other n comparison to the human papillomavirus or HPV, the same virus which leads to cervical cancer and other cancers of the reproductive organs. It is entirely possible that you increase your likelihood to obtain these cancers when a person receive these warts.
Regarding the living conditions, Boston terriers can do well enough without a yard as long as they get regular exercise. These days that they are just the thing for apartment living. However, veggies also know that these very sensitive to the extremes of weather. Is usually that you should keeping it in a place that’s neither too hot nor too cold.
Using the Fat Burning Furnace will help you burn more fat by promoting weight loss constantly. Doing short but intense workouts will help build muscle mass because you will lose weight even after your function. The challenges for realistic secrets for nutrisystem smart carbs The results are made for those who want to see results quickly and hassle no cost. Not only will the user’s metabolism improve, high amounts of calories will also be lost.
There are a variety of weight loss products that perform try in the market today. But the biggest thing to choose is safety. An essential a-z on real-world marie osmond nutrisystem commercial. A person are at a younger age, adult weight loss pills may not always do your body good. This is why it is a particular thing to in order to your doctor and have him to recommend a weight loss pill fit for use in your age.
Beyond a single session, exercise any specific type jacks increase overall metabolism, some studies indicate. Face it, in staying fit, your body just runs better – like a well-maintained car.
The other recommendation for starting jogging is to start walking now. Procrastination is the enemy of exercise, make use of will kill your routine. Jogging has to become a common habit for in which be able in order to it effectively. Don’t put it off for a day or two. Make sure you schedule it in any day or so, even if obtain only manage a bit of. If you start delaying it and making excuses, advertising are going pertaining to being squashed before you get started. Jogging is a discipline, and while around the globe very enjoyable, in addition, it takes a regarding determination.
If a person makes the practice of checking the habit of blood sugar level consistently with a blood glucose meter. This will make a person sensitive to a good small increase in blood sugar level; this will also prevent the things from getting even worse.
But the probabilities are you did not come across a weight-loss program like this one in front of. And one of the strong points in favor of it is, merely so unlike anything else that’s possible. It gets to the root of the fat-burning issue and and fitness, health, exercise, weight loss, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, anxiety, quit smoking

A healthy diet For Pregnant Women Following 9 Important Nutrients To Consume

There are different feelings which may come into your mind when you are having a baby, for example, excitement, thrill and happiness. Who wouldn’t be? Some basic questions for effective methods for what is the cost of nutrisystem. After giving birth, your life will no longer be all about you from now on and you will take on a whole new meaning. As a matter of fact, you will take on a new supporting role as the parent of a little boy and girl who will join your family. Perhaps, their demands will be more important than your own.
When you are expecting a child and develop acne, do not buy salicylic acid. Salicylic acid has been known to be harmful to babies still in the womb, and you should find an alternative cleanser that will deep clean and exfoliate your skin, without causing any harm to your baby. Simply wash your face gently and thoroughly once or twice a day to treat and avoid acne breakouts.
Aside from folic acid, protein is another important nutrition during pregnancy. Protein is important since the amino acids in this substance comprise the building blocks of the cells of the mom and the unborn baby. For this reason, pregnant women are recommended to have a daily consumption of at least 60-70 grams protein. This can be found in lamb, milk, fish, and eggs.
_ Peppermint – Peppermint settles the stomach, and you have probably noticed that peppermint candies are often given at restaurants. If you have a headache or a cold, peppermint is also a good choice for these ailments. Keep peppermint lozenges in the car to help tame nausea while driving. It can also be taken as a tea or tincture.
The single-celled parasite is the reason that nutrition for pregnant women are warned not to be around a cat’s litter box. Humans are a welcome host to T. gondii as well. Since dolphins, porpoises, sea otters, seals and sea lions are also mammals, there lies the link.
Babies whose mothers take fish oil during pregnancy show no behavioral problems after birth. Aside from this, fish oil can also help mothers give birth to babies with better eyesight.
Buying another book on pregnancy would also be a good way of learning something new. Who knows, you must have missed some vital information the last time. Also, you can get busy trying to look for a perfect name for your angel. Try to search for a name and its meaning and you will find out that it would occupy days if not months of your entire pregnancy (couples change their mind each time a new name with a greater meaning comes up).
Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is being used more and more by pregnant women to help build their fetuses cerebral cortex. This uses twenty per cent DHA and the benefit is that it is tied to the child’s IQ. Something that will help the child all of it’s life. These women have found that the DHA fatty acid is necessary for the normal development of their child.pregnancy, home and family, alternative medicine, health, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, back pain, health and fitness, nutrition, womens issues, skin care

Is the Weight Loss Calculator Method The Best Approach?

Many Americans could benefit from losing a few pounds, but aren’t sure what foods to eat to help achieve their weight loss goals. A high-protein, low-fat diet, couple with the appropriate amount of exercise, is a highly effective way to lose weight. An inside analysis of critical aspects for is nutrisystem worth it. Proteins are key to your body’s ability to build lean muscle, while also triggering a boost in your metabolism. Proteins also help you to feel full faster, which helps you eat less at each meal. In conjunction with getting enough protein, you should make sure that you are eating foods that are low in fat. By creating a diet that is low in fat and high in protein, you will feel full more quickly without the negative effects of fatty foods.
It is a tool or a program that calculates your needed daily calorie intake based on some criteria such as age, sex, weight, height, goals, and timeframes to achieve those goals.
Now, putting it all together, for our hypothetical man who’s burning 2351 calories per day at his present weight and activity level, if he wants to lose weight at the rate of 1-1/2 pounds per week, he would need to create a calorie deficit of 5250 per week (that’s 3500 x 1.5) or 750 per day. So he would need to consume 1601 calories per day (2351 – 750) consistently in order to lose at that rate.
Eating fish meat is especially good for weight loss dieters, as it is low in fat and provides the body with essential fatty acids. Certain studies have also suggested that eating fish can reduce the risk of heart disease.
Second – Know where you are going. Let’s say for example that you are at the moment 160 pounds and in accordance to the BMI and body Weight Planner, your wonderful weight given your age and height is about it to be 130 kilos. That means you must lose 30 kilos gradually. Then you know how much weight you must lose and gear your exercise routines towards that goal.
You shouldn’t completely cut carbs out of your meal plan if you are trying to eat a low-fat diet. Do, however, make a point of buying whole-grain bread, pasta, flour, and cereal. These options are far healthier for you and generally provide a large portion of your daily fiber.
In today’s lifestyle, both men and women hardly get time to take care of their health. But majority of people are aware that being overweight causes health problems. So, if you want to reduce weight and want to look good, then it is advisable that you reduce it in healthy ways. It is wiser that you reduce those unwanted pounds in safe and effective manner.
In California Medical Weight Management, there is weight loss calculator which is there on the website. You can check your weight which will give you basic idea about body mass index. It is free of cost and you will get to know about your weight and under which category you fall. If you are living in city Roseville then you will be glad to know that there is weight control clinic in Roseville. Visit this clinic and get free weight loss consultation and free medical check up here. there are many other benefits which you will get from here.weight loss, health, health and fitness, fitness, health & fitness

For How To Lose Weight Fast

The weight loss, diet industry is centred on a billion dollar industry. Why tends to be that?, you may make inquiries. In America we need it now. Forget no pain no gain mentality. This wherever diet pills suit the picture. We end up needing to take phentermine, acai berry, prepackaged foods or some fat burner that works while you sleep. Am I right?
If you are wondering how weight loss, dehydration, this can be true. But normal water lost during exercise and other basic activities is designed change. Water loss is without question not the comparable to fat loss. Good nutrition for athletes and people crave weight loss ought to based on advice from a health practitioner, not on hearsay or mere superstition.
The weight loss program you choose should include physical activity to go within your healthy dieting. In order to lose weight, you will need to burn off calories. The weight loss diet in your fat reduction program will aid you to manage your calories; however, actions you choose will help to burn heli-copter flight body fat. Be thing is prefer a physical activity that you enjoy and will in order to. Choosing one which you hate to do is going to cause your weight loss program to fold. Your physical activity, as part of your decline program and along with a healthy diet, will cause you burn off excess fat and you’ll notice the results within a few short weeks.
First of all, you must make sure that you’re drinking plenty of the water. Some new insights into crucial criteria of nutrisystem price. Consider having at least 6-8 glasses of h2o each period. The more you drink the more toxins you will be removing out of the body that will help with your reduction supplement. Also, having cash water will an individual to to feel satiated so you will not have a lot of food cravings during the day.
One of the ways we do with this increasing by pointing you towards resources that work and articles that explain the pro and cons just about all the options available in todays market insert. I mean what should you do, go on their own fat belly diet or are you looking for zone diet menu plan? Even better, how about weight loss cookies! Ever heard of those and do choice they will work? We are here in order to supply answers to those questions and other. One of extremely things you rapidly realize is a regarding weight loss programs.
A home treadmill works for me because I won’t have to travel to a gym, make arrangements for child care and it never rains in my garage. Not yet anyway!
My personal preference for an aerobic workout is forty minutes a day on a motorized treadmill. I’ve purchased a treadmill and installed it in my garage along with a music system also TV, just to my mind journey process.
That may be necessary some experimenting to find program and weight loss system that suitable with your metabolism. If one workout program doesn’t work for you, you can try other diet plan. This is the value of of mentor; you will be aimed to obtain the healthy reduction supplement program that suitable with your body, so you don’t require to waste your time to find the weight loss program that suitable with physique. Please visit my sites to find workout plan could be suitable with your and fitness, health, weight loss, popular diets

Purchase Best Body Fast – Rapid Weight Loss Dieting

Starting your own personal weight loss diet plan may not really as hard as you think. First of all yourrrll establish your ideal goal weight. From here you can set several targets such as the number of weeks or months yourrrll commit realize your weight loss diet goal, your exercise regime and the support hybrids require from friends, as well as your co-workers. It is recommended that you try out loose around 1 kilogram or 2 pounds every 7 days. Many fad diets or quick diet programs will cause long term effects on our bodies and most of the time giving a long term weight gain.
Many vegetarians find that interval workouts burn more fat along with a proper vegetarian fat eating plans for grownup. However, always seek prior advice from your physicians merchandise in your articles got any medical condition to convinced you’re fit for such interval workouts.
This could be explained by indicates this instance in point. Let us say you are an emotional eater. Practically times you over eat when an individual emotionally interupted. Just Imagine, if you are saved to the weight loss plan, then all of sudden obtain urge to consume more, then in that case, you can use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to conquer your propose that.
People that are suffering from heart disease should have a healthy diet, which support them lower blood pressure and neutralize the effects of hypertension on their body. An updated introduction to not losing weight on nutrisystem. The following diet involves reducing the salt consumed and also eating more fruits, vegetables and non-fat or low-fat dairy devices.
If you try to diet, I consider studies published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolic rate. Researchers found when respondents drank a pint of water increased their metabolic rates within 10-20 minutes of drinking the the water! This was true for both women and men who took part in the data! Other drinks were tested and failed to have the identical affect from the respondents!
If your life has not contained a higher degree of physical activity then activate slowly. Most likely the easiest strategy is to take up a walking even more. Take a walk around the block after dinner or climb the steps to workplace instead of taking the elevator. Since stamina builds you can then consider more challenging exercise games. When you take your walks, vary the pace, don’t just stroll. Even though you can only walk fast for a few minutes it assistance.
The key here usually begin with baby steps and develop your positive results. Don’t expect to develop a high degree of discipline right away. One technique is to displace one bad behavior with a competitive one and build up then. Instead of eating poker chips while watching television have some orange slices available very. You could also sit on a lawn and stretch instead of sitting on the couch as watch.
In conclusion, the Calorie burning Furnace is a great program to loose weight fast easy. The cost to start the trial is minimal and everyone is able to do it no matter their years. The program is a factor for those who want property of their fat weight-loss permanently and settle by using a healthy outlook on life.weight loss, health and fitness, health, nutrition, sports and fitness

What is the Atkins Diet And Why It Continues To Function as a Most Used Diet On the?

All you got to do is type how lose? on any search engine and you could possibly be bombarded with all different types of diets. Ever wonder which diet is actually top one for you?.
There are more and others of these diets all of the time. Just as one fades away, can be crops up, claiming to higher than all the ones before it. All pros promise they will take away the pounds, but none of them provide the emotional support and actual change in lifestyle it will consider the keep the pounds off for good. The real secret to weight loss is an entirely different approach to food. Fat can actually be healthy, carbohydrates (especially complex carbohydrates) are good for you, and protein is necessary but should not be consumed in excess.
Eating to much of 1 particular food group: Everyone knows that to much of anything isn’t good that you. Lets take the Atkins-diet for example; The Atkins-diet is a high protein diet and Do not think have anything against protien diets, but to much protein can definitely wreck havoc on your kidney’s. I speak from experience. Because moreover tried these popular fad diets as well.
Nutrient intake combined using a fitness regime – this is the right way to eat in order to gain healthy weight. Weight gain is directly related to a blend of higher calorie counts as well as higher metabolism rates. So in order to qualify for both requirements, you appetite more as well as work-out more than before. Work-outs for gaining weight would include more body building exercise and less cardio.
If you want to consume pasta and again place from time to time; you should make it at home. Some insights on recognising primary criteria in nutrisystem shakes review. Eating pasta out will surely offer you too much as an area and the sauce probably will just add fat tissue to your body. You should also be aware of other carbohydrates like rice which again has tons of calories and the portions you obtain from your favorite restaurant are way over ideas.
Another myth is that sugar or carbohydrates can bring about weight gain. It could be remembered that sugar or carbohydrate items do not cause weight gain unless they are taken excessively. This is also applicable to fat and protein foods. It is seen that people who take foods that have high carbohydrate in them might still maintain weight loss this is because consume less fatty healthy foods. Fat burning foods have less fat content, leading them to prefect food items have got on a regular basis.
I hope this article has shown you which your well planned diet can work wonders for your rate of metabolism. A practical diet is one of the vital factors that can assist your metabolism and it shouldn’t be ignored. It is fine for some if you cheat sometimes and eat a burger or bag of chips, but overall you have to be sure your diet has improved. If you plan your diet carefully it really does not have to be hard to make the changes outlined in this commentary. Take action today and you will soon start to realise the benefits of improved metabolic rate.weight loss, health, health and fitness, nutrition, popular diets, build muscle, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine

Sweat Off That Extra Weight With A Sauna Belt

Dieting pills burn fat fast and provides instant ultimate. They function effectively, providing permanent weight lowering. These pills work as stimulants suppressing hunger pains.
Secondly, determine that those slimming pills work in doing what you want: that is take those damn excess pounds off entire body. There are some shoddy diet capsules on the market: you can swallow a bucketful a full day but they don’t remove simply one pound of excess weight off your body!
Let’s talk about some miracles that happen. Medical miracles occur fairly regularly, and it’s very these miracles that I do believe truly inspire. Imagine an accident that results in almost paralysis for unique. What if there was a five percent chance of that person ever being qualified for walk once again. Five percent is not much, but it is not impossible. Would you then expect that person to sit involving their wheelchair watching for a miracle, or a person expect to be able to be following the advice of physical therapists and other professionals while completing therapy? Would doing something get them closer thus to their miracle than doing naught? I truly believe that people create very miracles. Nothing happens individuals people that nothing for their use.
There are many pills easily obtainable in market using which you will burn your body fat without disturbing your busy your lifetime. New challenges for handy nutrisystem fast five review. Mostly the fat loss pills are designed grow the activity of physique using which helps in faster burning of calories with exercise. Some pills are made to dissolve body fat tissue on the inside blood stream to throw out of the body. There are many which are designed to reduce the appetite and sweet cravings.
One with the advantages of Proactol is it is 100% natural. Around the globe made from natural supplies. There are some products as a forex trader which aren’t natural products. However, it is suggested that you need to choose natural products when weight loss and diet pills for sale are related.
All the women need to remember that there completely no magic cure in the quest to reduce quick excessive fat. Pills alone cannot do wonders and much better why you should rely heavily on exercising and dieting.
Healthy hygienic conditions end up being followed before consuming veggies and fruit. Vegetables are sprayed with different chemicals and preservatives so last long without rotting. However, you must keep in mind; consuming such vegetables may cause serious medical problems. You need to wash them thoroughly before consumption.
Weight loss supplements along with a healthy balance diet and make use of works perfectly to reach a certain weight and shape of the body. A healthy weight deprivation supplements will also contribute of achieving such goal. This type of losing weight needs you drink a lot of water, take in the right food regularly, avoid too much sugar and count your food intake. Of course with the right exercise and make your goal more realistic. Make all your plans and program doable and cause it to be the correct way. Then make a right choice to use the best weight deprivation pills.weight loss, health, health and fitness

Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution Program

Weight loss can be attained if a proper diet schedule is followed. An appropriate weight loss diet schedule consists of the following factors. Firstly, you have to eat food items that prevent the accumulation of fat. Secondly, you must be avoid food items that adds to the weight gain by the body. Thirdly, you have to ensure that the right amount of fat is present in your body. Fat is not the exact villain in weight gain, because fat is an essential nutrient of the body. However, it is the overabundance of fat that is the business include villain in weight gain. A diet for weight loss plan aims to strike a perfect balance between weight gain and body metabolism. The weight gain by the body ought to in accordance to the peak of the person along with the age of the person.
This technique works on the belief that excessive weight is the fruit a lot of other factors, not just food. So even if you go on diets, take diet pills, and watch what you eat very closely, you won’t slim down because the other problems such as low self esteem, whole lifestyle problems, melancholy, and so on are still deeply baked into your personality.
A really good valuable thing about eating like this, along with exercise, it assists you to lose heaviness. Some background answers on painless secrets in nutrisystem bars. Not only will it help in the short term, but once you get used to it, you’ll find you can keep pounds off. In addition you may well see an overall increase in your physical health.
Healthy weight loss will be over time. Everyone’s body and metabolism works differently. The bottom line is that it probably took many months or even years to get within your current size so exact same expect to be allowed to shed all that excess fat over night.
One of the main rules of every diet says: you should drink much still water. Healthy people should drink near 2 liters of water, tea or juice throughout a day. It is simpler to refuse coffee from your ratio or allow not more than one cup per calendar day.
The best weight loss diet tips are those people which don’t leave an adverse impression on you. A feeling that you’re deprived, not really allowed or have got restrictions makes people want to give up on diets very easily. Substitute any occasion and snacks into healthy, light snacks. For example, instead of eating meat try different ways of cooking tofu. Veggie meats commonly sold in markets are also made of tofu and other similar vegetable products.
While buying finest diet pills, pay attention to the company as well as website. You ought to buy from the companies that have great reputation.
Furthermore, for me Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Joel Marionis not for real because, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet website did promise a 60 days money back guarantee on your procure. If for whatever reasons you do not see any value on the program, you can just ask for finding a full refund. I think you don’t have to go to there because are usually really wanted to lose your weight Therefore, I think should certainly ready to test it out for. What can I honestly tell to you is, for me Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Joel Marion is greatest and most fun weight loss dietary regime today.weight loss, health, health and fitness, supplements, health & fitness

Exercise To Lose Weight – Slow Does It

The newest trend in weight loss program in 2008 is called the Suddenly Slim Diet. This will be a diet program contains meal-replacement drinks and herbal supplement pills. The diet guarantees 6-10 lbs perhaps more in only 10 period. Similar to any weight loss products Suddenly Slim Diet provides so many tasks that the individuals who to be able to lose weight naturally seeking for an enough time.
Of course, you may hold to start somewhere, and cutting out some sweets and starting some involving moderate but physical exercise program, such as the daily walk, can comprise good first concept. The above simple actions can start moving you towards creating a calorie deficiency which may lead to healthy weight reduction.
The demand to shed pounds Products has been high ever since losing weight is an issue for guys and women. During the 1920’s many salesmen advertised phony tonics and machines in order to be quick weight loss the easy significantly. The most absurd and detrimental to health was probably the engineered so advertised a tape worm. When you ingested the worm it would eat all of the coming in to all your intestines. It’s perfectly logical that almost all of such failed to function.
You be able to look at. we don’t do anything until the anguish of Not doing it’s greater pain to complete it. Some practical guidelines for major issues in nutrisystem plan. To place it in simpler terms – we don’t do anything about our weight until we are so very sick and uninterested in worrying a lot that we start reading about weight loss, obtaining a health and fitness center membership and shopping for healthy your foods.
Even this species when grown consist of features the world does not seem to having as eat the P57 compound. Will be only when grown inside the semiarid deserts of the countries of southern Africathat tests show the desired weight loss properties. Means unless the hoodia arises from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, or Angolathe product won’t be as effective. All these countries will probably emerge as southern part from the continent of Africa. It may be right now there is one in the soil there uncomplicated . them produce moresteroidal glycoside (The P57 molecule). So far no tests have been cost.
Building a mailing list simply involves collecting a subscriber list of the names and emails of folks who are in to a particular subject and providing these with information. If your core mindset is offering quality information up against directly doing sell your products or services then people will start to adopt more notice individuals really.
Drinking green tea herb promotes weight-loss by raising metabolism and increasing fat oxidation. It has been recently used to improve mental awareness, boost immune systems, decrease heart condition. It has all these benefits without all those awful outcomes.
Stress reduction, detoxifying the body, proper elimination, removing of excess water, and curbing the appetite naturally all go an expanded way help in permanent weight damages. The actual load may not disappear over night, but slow and steady wins might! Let me tell you that I’m better now than I ever have just by adding these to my dietary regime. Herbal weight loss supplements that feel snug and gentle ultimate deal better for that body than harsh chemicals and strict fad weight lowering!weight loss, health and fitness, business, internet and businesses online, health, fitness & exercise, fertility & pregnancy, drugs & medications, diseases & conditions, dieting & weight loss, alternative medicine, supplements, network marketing, direct sales business